Custom Made Scalloped Diamond Wedding Ring for Misha

You have a beautiful engagement ring with a scalloped edge, now you need a wedding band to fit next to it – What do you do?

Misha and her fiancé had a custom made engagement ring designed by an artist in Ohio. Misha’s ring has an unusual scalloped profile and a standard wedding ring wouldn’t fit next to it.

Misha wanted a scalloped diamond wedding ring that would follow the curves of her engagement ring and fit right next to it. She also wanted to have the diamonds on her band match in size to the diamonds set on her engagement ring.

Here’s the custom made diamond wedding ring that I made for Misha above her original engagement ring:

matching scalloped engagement ring and wedding ring by Cynthia Britt

Misha’s Engagement Ring and Matching Wedding Ring

Here’s an image of Misha’s custom made engagement ring and matching custom made wedding ring side by side:

Custom made scalloped engagement ring and matching wedding ring designed, Boston, MA

Misha’s Matching Custom Made Rings Side By Side

This is a quick shot that I took from Misha’s wedding ring on my hand, showing that it can also be beautifully worn on its own!

Custom Made Scalloped Diamond Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring, Boston, MA

Misha’s Wedding Ring

Misha and her fiancé have since moved to California after the making of her wedding ring to start their new life together!  Congratulations to both of you! You are a joy to work with!


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