Custom Made Sapphires and Diamonds Hinged Hoops to Match the Ring

These elegant sapphires and diamonds hinged hoops are small enough to wear during the day and sparkly enough for evening!  When Gigi couldn’t find her sapphire and diamonds hinged hoops, she came to me to have replacement pair made!  The original pair were an older style and the center of the earrings was set with light colored sapphires.  She has a sapphire and diamond ring which she wears everyday and she suggested to have the new pair of earrings made so that they match.

This image shows Gigi’s ring:

Custom Made Sapphires and Diamonds Hinged Hoops to Match the Ring

Gigi showing her ring to match

Based on Gigi’s ring, we decided to put princess cut sapphires in the middle and bead set diamonds on the outer edges.  Not to soften the look, and give it more depth, I made the section for the sapphires, slightly higher than the diamonds and I put the diamonds in a very slight angel. I gave the earrings a nice width, about 8 millimeters wide and about 5/8 of an inch in outer diameter.  I made a nice wide hinge for extra security and I put the post in a position that the earring would hide the stretched hole and hug the ear lobe beautifully!

They came out gorgeous and they look great on Gigi!  Gigi is tall, so she wanted the earrings to have a beautiful presence and not get lost and at the same time be at a scale that she can wear them all day in the office and in the evening!

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