Ring Holder Necklace By Cynthia Britt

Ring Holder Necklace

Ring Holder Necklace

The idea of the ring holder necklace came to me when one of my dentist customers mentioned that it’s difficult to get the surgical glove over her brand new custom engagement ring which happens to be the Lin Princess Cut Engagement ring. She asked me to make a necklace that she would be be able to hang her ring on without having to open the clasp and use it during working and while taking an exercise class. She also needed the chain to be long enough so during her yoga or spinning class she would tuck it in her sports-bra.

I wanted the design to be stylish and elegant so it could be worn from day to evening and at the same time I wanted it to be clean and minimalist so it would be comfortable during exercise.

So I made a double loop design of two circles that overlap each other with an opening at the top so the ring can go through it without having to open the clasp. One loop has a shiny finish and the other loop has a matte finish. The chain that I have used is an elegant and very sturdy 1.8 millimeter thick rhodium plated chain. It’s 30 inches long allowing the necklace to be worn as a wardrobe essential and tucked comfortable under your clothing when needed.

It’s a very stylish and refined necklace with a safe-keeping purpose to it. Even though I made it with the medical profession in mind, it is truly ideal for anyone who wants to keep her ring clean and safe whether at work your house or the gym.

For $155 you get a very elegant necklace that will also save your ring!

Below, is a video showing how easy it is to use:

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Ring Holder Necklace.

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