Redesigning Heirloom Jewelry Into One New Ring

Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Kathleen’s Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Kathleen was introduced to me by her niece, Magee, for whom I made the Magee sapphire engagement ring. Kathleen’s request was a different one…she had a three stone engagement ring that was set with old mine cuts diamonds, a channel set princess cut diamond wedding band, a few gold rings (some with stones), and a pair of diamond earrings. She wanted all the diamonds to be taken out and set into a brand new ring using the gold from the old pieces. She wanted a ring that doesn’t look like an engagement ring, but would make a statement—something glamorous. She also liked the look of a light color sapphire in the center of the ring.

Here’s an image of Kathleen’s jewelry pieces:

heirloom jewelry to be redesigned

Kathleen’s Jewelry

Given her specifications and her hand structure, I suggested a ring with a large oval structure with a light blue sapphire prong set in the middle. The remainder of the ring (between the sapphire and the outside edge of the ring) would be filled with pavé set diamonds from her rings and earrings. The band would be channel set with the princess cut diamonds from her wedding band.

she loved the idea so I started on her project. First, I had all the stones taken out of the rings and earrings. Based on the space that would remain after the round cut diamonds were set, I picked out an appropriate size light blue sapphire. Then all the gold was melted and re-formed into one big ring for Kathleen.

Here’s Kathleen’s brand new ring after the stones were set.

redesigning jewelry

Kathleen’s New Ring

The transformation of out-dated jewelry that you don’t wear, into a beautiful brand new piece that you’ll wear and enjoy everyday is quite magical! All the pieces exist, they just need to be reformed and regrouped into a piece that is suitable for you.

Diamond and sapphire cocktail ring

Kathleen Queen Ring

Kathleen appropriately calls her new ring Queeny!


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