Re-designing an heirloom ring


Diamond ring before redesignThis heirloom ring was made of 18k yellow gold and consisted of a center 1 carat emerald cut diamond flanked by one emerald cut sapphire and one diamond baguette on both sides. As we see in the two images, the ring looks tired and out of date. There is sentiment in these pieces but nobody can feel it if these jewels just go untouched and unworn. We worked through the process together, looking at different styles and drawing up sketches that were suitable for Mary’s hand and the fact that she wanted to wear and enjoy it everyday. Mary’s hand has a clean look with long fingers. The design had to be very clean yet strong and refined to make a statement on her hand and match her no-nonsense personality and timeless elegant style.

Diamond ring after redesign

Here is Mary’s brand new ring made in 14k white gold showing off her gorgeous emerald cut diamond. The center diamond was worn on the surface and the facets were not sharp. We had the diamond re-polished on the top only. Once all the scratches were gone, it revealed a beautiful colorless diamond with VS clarity. The setting is very complimentary to the diamond, Mary’s hand and style. Now she gets to wear and enjoy her heirloom diamond and her new ring, custom made for her.

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