Crescent Of The Moon Men’s Ring Holder Necklace

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Crescent Of The Moon Ring Holder Necklace in 14k white gold by Cynthia Britt.  Anytime you cannot wear your engagement ring on your finger, wear it safely close to your heart on a Cynthia Britt Ring Necklace Holder. This functional necklace is made to hold your ring without having to open up the clasp. A very stylish, elegant and minimalist design on an 30″ long chain. Ideal for people with a medical profession who need to wear surgical gloves, working out and any time you need to take off your ring and not leave it around on a counter. For working out (running, weight training, yoga, etc.) tuck in the ring holder with your ring on it inside your clothing.

Please note: This model has a front and a back as indicated in the picture. The front section of this necklace tilts forward, similar to a head bowing down at the time of greeting. Wear this section facing out, away from the body.

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  • 14k white gold men’s ring holder necklace
  • crescent of the moon design
  • made to hold your ring without having to open your necklace
  • ideal for doctors, nurses, surgeons, lab technicians, chefs, painters, gardeners, working out, and any other time you need to take your ring off
  • has a closure with a latch
  • 30” long, 1.8mm thick silver cable chain


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