Art Deco Diamond Cluster Earrings for Melissa

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Art Deco Diamond Cluster Earrings for Melissa by Cynthia Britt. These stunning pair of earrings start with all the quadrate shapes specifically princess cut and straight baguette diamonds and swirl into fiery round brilliant cut diamonds. Part Art-Deco, part romantic, they are a complicated piece in a very structured space. Their multi-dimensional elements meticulously calculated, balances each part beautifully on the ears. Even though they’re substantial, their compact looks and scale makes them easy to wear from day to night. For inquiry and to order your own custom made earrings, please contact Cynthia directly.

STORY: Melissa loved the Diamond Cluster Earrings Cynthia made for Gretta and wanted a similar pair. So, Cynthia first took out all the diamonds from all Melissa’s pieces and she noticed that Melissa had a lot more round cut diamonds comparing to the original design; and instead of Asscher cut diamonds, she had baguettes and princess cut diamonds. So, Cynthia measured each one and modified the design according to Melissa’s diamonds while keeping the desired structure the same.

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  • 14k white gold and diamond earrings
  • one pair of round brilliant cut diamonds
  • one pair of Princess cut diamonds
  • 10 pieces of straight baguettes in different sizes
  • 22 pieces of smaller round brilliant cut diamonds


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