The technical name for an oval shape diamond is Oval Brilliant. The facets are similar to a round brilliant but in an oval shape diamond. Oval shape diamonds are very suitable for small hands and for hands that have a very rounded or pointy finger tips.

Similar to round brilliant cut diamonds, in oval shape diamonds the inclusions are not easily seen but they will show color. The other important characteristic about oval diamonds is their overall shape, this means their length to width ratio. An oval diamond should not be too narrow and it should not be too wide. The ideal length to width ratio for a beautifully proportioned oval diamond is between 1.35 to 1.48. Given the color, the clarity, carat weight and the ideal proportion of the oval shape diamond, it’s up to you which one of these qualities is more important. However, since the color and the overall shape of an oval diamond are immediately visible, my recommendation will be not to sacrifice these two qualities.

According to your budget, I will bring in loose GIA certified oval diamond for you to choose from. I will show you how to look at them with a magnifying loop and educate about their qualities. You will choose with knowledge and know exactly what you are purchasing.

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