The marquise cut diamond exudes elegance and individualism like no other. The strong and elongated cut pairs beautiful with tapered and pointy fingers, and gives the illusion of longer fingers on all other hand structures.

When choosing a marquise, it is important to make an informed decision and to choose a marquise cut with minimal “bow tie effect”. This is a natural phenomenon where light passing through the diamond reflects in a such a way that a small shadow is created in the center of the diamond. Although, skilled cutters are able to minimize the incidence and appearance of the “bow tie effect”. Marquise diamonds offered at Cynthia Britt are hand-picked, and are the closest one can get to perfection.

When buying diamonds from Cynthia Britt, you can rest assured that Cynthia only brings in the highest quality diamonds and gemstones. Cynthia displays diamonds with the best color, clarity, and cut, that will compliment your hand structure and personality the most.

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