Custom Making a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Lin Engagement ring, is truly a magnificent ring with an incredible amount of detailed work!  Although every ring that I make has multiple components and detailed calculations and goes through multiple stages of cleaning, polishing, soldering, engraving, setting and more polishing, the challenge of Lin ring was the limited time that I had to make it without ever sacrificing a moment or a millimeter of quality.

During middle of May, Lin’s fiancé to-be, a young gentleman, came with images of princess cut engagement rings and asked for a custom made platinum engagement ring that would have a 3.00 carat princess cut diamond in the center with very deeply tapered baguettes on the sides.  He requested to find an I color with VS clarity,  so the first step became finding the right diamond.  I showed him a few princess cut diamonds in the 3 carat range with his requested color and clarity.  He picked the most beautiful one!  A 3.01 Excellent cut diamond with I color and VS1 clarity, no fluorescence and with GIA certificate.

Once the diamond was chosen, I had only two weeks to get custom cut tapered baguettes, make the ring, have it go through its multiple stages of polishing, engraving the band and setting the diamonds.  I found a pair of tapered baguettes that were of the desired shape, but since one of them had fluorescence, we weren’t able to use them.  I took the measurements of the baguettes and ordered custom cut baguettes from oversees.  I then started making the ring without the side stones!  I spent all Saturday and Sunday making and refining and re-refining the ring on CAD since that was the quickest and cleanest method to make the ring in such a short amount of time.  Finally, Sunday night I sent the file to him for his approval.  Warren had only one modification to the prongs, and once it was taken care of, I sent the file to get the wax printed.  I have to say that throughout the process of getting the wax, getting the platinum casting, and cleaning the casting, I hoped that I would get the baguettes in time.  Luckily, not one, but two pairs of custom cut baguettes came just in time when the ring had to get pre-polished!

At that stage, I had only three days left to make sure this beautiful ring goes from pre-polishing to getting engraved inside the band, set the diamonds and get its final polish. Luckily, again, everybody cooperated and the entire process went smoothly!

Here’s Lin’s ring sitting pretty in its box!

Custom Designing a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Lin Princess Cut Engagement Ring in Box

And here it is on my finger, showing it’s beautiful proportions!  Like every piece that I create, I certainly do get an attachment!

Custom Making a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Lin Engagement ring on hand

It sure is a piece of sunshine! I have to say it’s quiet a magical experience when I wear the ring once it’s all completed.  No matter what its challenge was, and believe me every piece has its challenge in its own way, but once I wear it and see its beauty, all painstaking work is vanished in air! The joy of seeing a beautiful ring that’s going to be worn by a bride-to-be!

Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

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