Pearl Earrings Will Finish Off Any Look!

Pearl Earrings Will Finish Off Any Look

Me in Paris year 2008!

Flashback Friday!  Picture of me in Paris, during spring of 2008!  I wanted to show, if you were going to wear one piece of jewelry, make it pearl studs!  The way pearls give sparkle and glow to a woman’s face, no other faceted gem can do it! Sure your eyes are drawn to them, but they never take away from you.  They give you a glow and enhance your complexion.  Their elegance and presence finishes off any look, day or night.  Mine are large South Sea pearls.  Whether you purchase cultured pearls or South Seas, definitely invest in a beautiful pair of pearl studs. You will always wear them and no matter what your outfit of the day/evening is, your pearls will instantly dress it up!

I absolutely love Paris, it’s a magical city and I haven’t been for the past 6 years, but I wear and enjoy my pearl earrings almost everyday!   Wear and take care of your pearls, (check out my 4 quick steps on how to take care of your pearl).  it’s a life-time investment, you’ll be glad you did!

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