Custom Designing A Non Traditional Engagement Ring

Non Traditional Engagement Ring Custom Made

Jackie’s Non Traditional Engagement Ring

More than two months ago, a young and very artistic man came to have a non traditional engagement ring custom made for his girlfriend.  He brought a few images of rings that have non traditional band with curves.  The look was to be very dynamic with a lot of movement and flow in the design.  The design also had to incorporate two larger round brilliant cut diamonds with some smaller diamonds as accent. I first drew a few designs that were in his description with the band curving on the finger and the two diamonds set in a completely non-traditional way.  He picked one of the designs and I started carving the wax.

I’m not even going to put the image of the sketch because I changed it so many times as I was carving it.  It was one of those rings, with an idea that I had in my mind, but as I carved the wax it evolved.  I decided to carve the band section while wearing the ring so I can give it a beautiful wave shape that would drape on the finger.  Once I was done with the band, I started making two separate baskets in the shape of a lotus flower.  Here’s an image with the waxes casted into white gold and the ring is in pieces:

Non Traditional Engagement Ring Custom Designed

Jackie’s ring in pieces

The basket that’s in two pieces was going to be soldered on the band, off centered, and the other basket was going to be soldered on the inside of the band, again off centered.   Then the band was going to be opened up in a u-shape setting and the smaller diamonds were going to be set in it:

Here it is:

Custom Designing A Non Traditional Engagement Ring

Jackie’s engagement ring top view

And here’s the side view:

A Non Traditional Engagement Ring

Jackie’s engagement ring side view

Jackie’s engagement ring is a beautiful wave of diamonds with two lotus flowers dancing around the ring.  A very three dimensional piece that’s complete from every angle and every side!

Cory knows that it took sometime to make this ring.  I completely went off on a tangent of imagination, not knowing technically what I’m getting into, but the end result was made in perfection in every way and every angle!

Thank you Cory

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