Necklace for United Sound’s Double Header: Baseball Legends & Jazz Icons

Music Note Pendant

The Music Note Pendant by Cynthia Britt


When United Sound contacted me to donate a piece of jewelry for their event, I did not hesitate. What a labor of love, to create a unique work of art in celebration of another medium and this great organization! I loved working on this project, and my sketch that inspired the piece will accompany the necklace for the auction. The necklace I created represents the intangibility of music in a tangible form. It’s made of black onyx, 14k yellow gold, and one oval diamond set in the bail. The onyx sphere represents the world, as all cultures embrace music—it’s one of the things that bind us together.


The belt around the sphere is made of horizontal music notes, rather than the traditional vertical. I wanted my necklace to have this distinctive look, since it represents the special people involved with United Sound. The notes almost seem to reach out for one another, embodying the connections within and without that are created by music. The bail also has one music note set with an oval diamond, to add some sparkle. The pendant is on an 18 inch long, 1.3mm thick 14k gold cable chain. It’s elegant, stylish, and it’s a substantial size that can be easily be worn from day to night.


It is my hope that this necklace will go to a lover of all beautiful art, and that it will bring the joy of music to everyone who sees it!


United Sound Double Header Ticket

For anyone interested in attending Double Header: Baseball Legends & Jazz Icons please use the code at the bottom for 50% off tickets.

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