Nature Inspired Engagement Ring For Emma

About a month ago, an incredibly lovely young lady came with her soon-to-be fiancé to have a nature inspired engagement ring made for her.  She brought a few ideas that had leaves and flowers incorporated in the design.  She also had her grandma’s one carat beautiful diamond that would be set in her ring.

I traced Emma‘s hand on paper, as I do for all of my customers, and then I started sketching designs that would be suitable for her hand and have a nature theme.

Here are the sketches:

Nature Inspired Custom Engagement Ring

Designs For Emma Engagement Ring

I scanned and emailed the sketches with their cut-out versions, so she can actually cut out the design and wrap in on her finger.  From the three designs, she picked the last one with some changes that would be more suitable to her work and life style.  So we decided to take out the orchid flower and instead put one leaf on either side of the center diamond.

I started working on Emma’s ring and while making it, I decided to put two leaves on either side of the diamond, so they would be slightly overlapping and coming down on the shoulders of the ring:

Nature Inspired Custom Engagement Ring Making

Emma’s engagement ring in the making

I made the leaves separately so I can have them hand-engraved then solder them on the ring.  Here’s the ring:

Emma Engagement Ring Cynthia Britt Custom Jewelry

Emma Engagement Ring Top View

Emma Engagement Ring by Cynthia Britt

Emma Engagement Ring Side View

And here’s Emma’s lovely hand wearing her ring!

Nature Inspired Custom Engagement Ring on Hand

Emma’s engagement ring on her hand!

Emma wanted her engagement to be in rose gold, so I made it a very soft color of rose gold!

I have to say that Emma didn’t open her eyes to see this picture as I was taking it, because her equally romantic, and now very soon-to-be fiancé was going to surprise her later on that day!

You are both a joy to work with and Emma, you have such a beautiful spirit!  I really enjoyed making your ring.  Yes, your matching band is next, Ha!

Love you both,

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