Matching Gold Wedding Rings For Matthew and Olaf: Two Rings, One Love

custom made mens yellow gold matching wedding rings

Matthew And Olaf Matching Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Matthew and Olaf have taken the expression of their love one step further, by joining together a ring from one family and a diamond from another and combined them as a symbol of their united future.

Matthew called me to create two matching yellow gold rings for himself and his partner. Each partner brought a precious ingredient to their union — Matthew had a diamond from his mother and Olaf had a yellow gold band. They wanted two matching gold bands and as there was not enough gold for both rings, Matthew wanted the gold band to be melted down and more gold to be added, with his band carrying the diamond.

Heirloom Gold Band And Diamond

Heirloom Gold Band And Diamond

Both elements for the new rings brought with them histories of loving marriages, making them valuable not only as representatives of their families, but of true and lasting marriages. In Matthew’s case, the diamond was given to his grandmother by his grandfather many years after their marriage, to replace the much smaller one he had given her as a young soldier, as a token of his devotion to her. In Olaf’s case, the ring was his late mother’s, who had been happily married to his father for 42 years, until she passed away.

Matthew needed an idea for the design. I create my pieces based on my interpretation of the person, both their personality and hand structure. Matthew has a sunny, happy disposition. I looked at his hand as well as a picture of his partner and I sketched a design that would be flat on top and angled on both sides. Both loved the design I had sketched for them.
The three sections of the ring — flat top section with two angled sides which was made by mixing the old ring with new gold — are symbolic of their past, present and happy future. The high polish in the middle and the matte/brushed finish on the sides give the rings a dynamic ribbon effect.
Matthew came in with Olaf so that I could size his finger and go over any questions he may have. During the second appointment, Matthew was radiant with absolute joy. He was thrilled with the creation of this ring which is enriched with family history for the love of his life. Clearly, his love is reciprocated. With old-world chivalry and grace, Olaf is the perfect partner for Matthew.

Here’s image of Matthew diamond wedding ring :

custom made men's wedding ring

Matthew Diamond Wedding Ring With Diamond

Here’s Olaf yellow gold wedding ring :

men's yellow gold wedding ring

Olaf Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

Sometimes gold and diamonds are even more precious when they go through the alchemy of love.



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