The Making of Jenn's Va Va Voom Diamond Ring

Custom Made Right Hand Unique Diamond Engagement Ring

Jenn’s Va Va Voom Diamond Ring

Jenn’s Va Va Voom ring has a different story! It sure is a metamorphosis!

What Jennifer wanted was to take out the diamonds from her two original rings and make a new right hand ring that would be wide and have more of a band look versus an engagement ring.

Here’s the image of the two rings:

Re-vamping of outdated engagement ring and wedding ring

Jenn’s Original Rings

I first took all the stones out of Jenn’s original rings and measured them to see what I have to work with. Then I sketched a few designs that incorporated the shape and size of the given diamonds. In one of the designs, I suggested not to use the baguettes and instead add to the marquise shape diamonds and that’s the design that Jenn picked out!

The trick in making this asymmetrical design have the look of a band depended on two important calculations: First was the balance of the width of the marquise shape diamonds on one side to the width of the pave set brilliant cut diamonds on the other side. Second, was how the two sides rise towards the center diamond.  For the rise, instead of making a traditional band with a traditional setting, I put each pair of marquise in a “V” shape and in a step up style. On the other side, I made three steps and set them with Jenn’s brilliant cut diamonds.

Custom made right hand diamond ring

Jenn’s Ring Side View

Custom made right hand diamond ring by Cynthia Britt, Boston, MA

Jenn’s Diamond Ring Side View

Jenn’s diamond ring took me some time to make as I wanted to get its step up angle and its width just right so that it’s wide enough but it’s also refined so the beauty of each section shows and all the sections flow in harmony. Needless to say, the setting took a while too, but Jenn was incredibly patient until her new Va Va Voom ring was ready!

Enjoy your gorgeous ring Jenn! You were an absolute pleasure to work with!


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