Largest Natural Pearl Coming Up For Auction!

Largest Pearl Ever To Be Auctioned

Largest Pearl Ever To Be Auctioned

For all the pearl lovers, this gorgeous natural saltwater pearl measures 16.5 mm by 17.4 mm and weighs 33.15 carats!

There are probably other pearls in the world larger than this one.  However, this 33.15 carat beauty is the largest natural pearl to come up for auction.

The pearl belongs to a private owner, whose wife wore it along with a cultured pearl, as an earring.  The owner suspected that it was natural rather than cultured, so he sent it to Swiss Gemmological Institute to verify its origin and have it certified.  The lab wrote: “The pearl shows an attractive white color with weak rosé and green overtones, poetically also referred to as the “orient of pearls”.  Such overtone are due to an iridescence effect caused on the surface of pearls and that greatly contribute to their beauty”

It will be auction on May 1, by British auction house Woolley & Wallis for an estimated $400,000.

That’s a beauty!

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