Krystle Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring

About a year ago, a young gentleman named Russell came to order the Alexa diamond engagement ring for his soon to-be fiancé.  Below is the picture of Alexa diamond ring.

Alexa Diamond Ring no back

Alexa diamond engagement ring

Now about a month ago, Russell and his incredibly lovely fiancée came to order wedding rings.  Russell chose an elegant Cobalt Chrome men’s wedding ring.  As for Krystle, there are a few choices that match the Alexa engagement ring depending on your style and the structure of your hand.  Krystle wanted a wedding ring that’s clean, elegant with a sense of tradition and definitely not the average plain wedding band.  Below is the image of the wedding ring that I suggested:

Krystle custom made wedding ring by Cynthia Britt is a 14k white gold and diamond

Krystle custom made wedding ring

The “Krystle” wedding ring is very clean from the top with a traditional look, yet it’s incredibly stylish, sleek and creative from the sides.  The cut-out bridge work matches the bridge work of the Alexa ring and the band sits flush next to the engagement ring.  The width of the Krystle band is about one third of a millimeter wider than the Alexa ring.  This shows the beauty of each piece and doesn’t blend the band into the ring.  When worn alone, the Kryslte band is very presentable and certainly makes its own statement showing off a one millimeter round brilliant cut diamond on each side of the bridge work.

Dear Krystle and Russell, enjoy your rings and Congratulations!

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