Jeff's Platinum and White Gold Ring


Custom Wedding Band for Men in Platinum & White Gold, wedding band

Jeff’s Platinum and White Gold Ring

Jeff’s platinum and white gold ring is a beautiful story of how two rings that had great sentimental values were combined into one stylish and very meaningful men’s ring.

Here’s the story of the transformation!

Jeff had a men’s white gold wedding ring and a ladies platinum engagement ring.  Here are the images:

Jeff's White gold men's ring

Jeff’s White gold men’s ring


Jeff's ladies platinum engagement ring

Jeff’s ladies platinum engagement ring

Jeff wanted the rings melted then combined into one ring that would carry the sentiment of the two people to whom each ring belonged to and have a stylish look at the same time.

The original men’s white gold ring was wide and the original ladies engagement ring was narrower and tapered. Jeff’s hand has a refined structure and it’s not large. A ring that is slightly curved on top with a combination of matte and shiny would look most suitable for his hand structure and his style.

I first melted each ring, then formed them into a half round shape and then joined them together. At the joint, I put a groove and emphasized it with a beautiful bright cut. I gave the wider white gold section a matte, brushed finish and the thinner platinum section a polished finish.

Here’s another image of Jeff’s new platinum and white gold ring:

Jeff's New Custom Made Platinum and White Gold Ring

Jeff’s New Custom Made Platinum and White Gold Ring


The new ring is six millimeters wide with rounded comfort fit edges. Two rings, two sentiments, joined together into one very stylish and meaningful men’s ring for Jeff!

Enjoy your ring Jeff!










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