Jayne Custom Made Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring

Custom Made Colombian Emerald solitaire engagement ring, Boston MA

Jayne Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring

I have to start my story by saying I love Jayne’s emerald solitaire!

Jayne and her fiancé-to-be came in for an emerald engagement ring. Jayne wanted a solitaire with the center emerald being the focus of the ring and definitely without any side stones. Jayne has an incredibly beautiful hand. Just like a mannequin’s hand, it’s long with straight fingers.  Her hand also has a very clean look, so the smallest detail in the ring will have a big effect on her hand.

The first step was to find an appropriate emerald cut emerald. It was absolutely fantastic how I found this 2.0 carat emerald from Colombia. I do have a bias towards emeralds as they are my favorite stone, but everything about this stone is gorgeous. Its beautifully cut, it has even color saturation, its tone of green is beautiful, the fact that it’s 2 carats and it’s from Colombia!

Here’s a picture of the loose emerald on my hand!

2.0 Carat Loose Colombian Emerald for engagement ring

2.0 Carat Loose Colombian Emerald For Jayne

Next was the design of the solitaire ring. It had to be perfect as it was going to be a very clean look with the smallest detail showing. Jayne is absolutely beautiful, she has a very refined and elegant look.  She’s an architect and she’s very talented.  Also, Jayne preferred a contemporary style versus an antique look. Her solitaire engagement ring needed to be refined, clean and definitely interesting. I suggested a soft knife edge for the band that would gracefully rise to the center 18k yellow gold basket and end in a “V” shape.  The basket would also be very refined with tapered and angled prongs starting from a small base and curving up and folding over her beautiful emerald.

Here are couple of images of Jayne’s emerald solitaire engagement ring:

Custom emerald solitaire engagement ring by Cynthia Britt

Jayne Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring Side View

Custom  Solitaire Emerlad Engagement Ring by Cynthia Britt

Jayne Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring Bottom View

Here’s Jayne’s beautiful hand wearing her beautiful ring!

Custom made emerald solitaire engagement ring by Cynthia Britt

Jayne’s Hand With Her Emerald Solitaire Ring

Because emeralds are soft in comparison to diamonds, I suggested to Jayne the moment she wears her ring, she cannot do any housework! It’s the best excuse and who can argue with that! Congratulations to a very beautiful couple. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to find your emerald and create your ring. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it and your’e both a joy to work with!

Wish you both the best!

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