How to Clean Your Diamond Ring

Kisses White Gold Diamond Ring

Kisses White Gold Diamond Ring

Diamonds have a sticky surface, it’s their property, and it’s because of their molecular structure.  Everyday hand washing, even with mild soap, dish washing liquid detergents, shampoos, and finger prints easily adhere to the surface of the diamond.  An effective way to clean your diamond at home is the following:

Use one part household cleaning ammonia to three parts hot water.  For example, one cup ammonia to three cups hot water.  You can soak your ring over night, then in the morning, with either a small, dead paint brush or a completely dead tooth brush with bristles all worn out, clean under the diamond ( under the ring ), sides and in between the prongs ( if the diamond is not bezel set ) and it’s surface.  If your ring has diamonds on the sides, repeat it for the side diamonds, as well.  Ammonia gets rid of the goop that sticks to the surface of the diamond and makes it clean and sparkly again!

Caution: Only use this method for diamonds and No Other gems.  Only diamonds like ammonia and this method should Not be used for any other gems!

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