How a custom piece of jewelry all starts!

Whether you have it or I provide it, it all starts from the center stone!

How a custom piece of jewelry all starts

Center stones

The customer wants a surprise birthday ring for his mom and he wants the center stone to be in a soft pink shade.

Here’s a beautiful selection of pastel gems that I picked out. You might wonder how do I choose the gems? What determines the shape and size of the center stone is the person for whom I’m making the piece for, given the budget!

Prior to coming in, I asked my customer to send me images of his mom and of her hand, if possible. Based on her images, I picked out these gems!

From left to right the gems are: 12.31 carat Kunzite, 10.79 carat peach Kunzite, 2.57 carat peach Tourmaline, 2.27 carat cushion cut Kunzite and 1.38 carat Morganite!

Which one will it be? Stay tuned!

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