From Romania With Love

Every piece of heirloom jewelry that we inherit has a story. Story of the craftsman who made it and owner who wore it.  We inherit the piece along with the story and once we custom make and re-vamp it to fit our style, we get to wear and enjoy a piece of history that is serving its purpose.

“From Romania With Love” is exactly what the title says. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a young couple and the soon-to-be the bride’s mom who had just arrived from Romania for her daughter’s wedding.  She had brought two wide rose gold bands for the young couple’s wedding that was passed down in their family. The groom’s band just needed sizing and polishing. It was a very masculine and straight-forward look that was very complementary for his hand and style. For the bride-to-be, however, the wide rose gold band looked like a piece of metal sitting on her delicate finger. It definitely needed help. To me, she looked like a flower who’s going to have many stories to tell. So I showed her images of bands with intricate flowers on them…

From Romania With Love

Here’s the original band, untouched, with a lot of potential. Courina, the bride-to-be, liked a few of the suggestions, but there was one that she liked the most. So I made a model of the piece. Now this is a young couple who’s on a strict budget which set my goal to make a very fancy ring at minimum cost. Also, to stay in the budget we choose to have white topaz set in the middle of the flower motives instead of diamonds.

Here it is:

I named it the “Courina” band as all of my custom made pieces are named after their owner. The original band has been high polished then three white gold intricate leaf motives are soldered on the band and set with white topaz.

Courina’s incredibly lovely mom brought these two bands from Romania to serve their purpose…to be worn and enjoyed everyday.

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