Exclusive Lunar New Year Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

We have all heard ‘new year; new you’ before, but have you ever considered ‘new year; a new point of view’? Here at Cynthia Britt, we are both proud and pleased to create works of art inspired by people from all around the world who teach us more about their traditions, cultures, and values. Often associated with most East Asian cultures, the Lunar New Year is most commonly celebrated with feasting, parades, fireworks, and other traditions that happily welcome health and good fortune for the future. Legend says that all actions like celebrating life, spending time with family and friends, and giving or receiving gifts during the first three days of the almost two weeks of Lunar New Year festivities set up the theme of the upcoming year. If you celebrate everything you are grateful for now and look forward to a healthy, fortunate future, everything will be reflected back to you during the new year.

Cynthia Britt jewelry is designed to “grow” with you and to be worn during all chapters of life. Through good times and bad, there is always something worth celebrating. While I did not celebrate the past Lunar New Year in the traditional sense last year, I  was intrigued to recall that I went swimming on the first day of last year’s festivities. Somehow, I found myself drawn to the water all last year swimming whenever I got a chance. I realized then that the Lunar New Year (and my actions during those first three days especially) set up a theme within my own life. As a global citizen, I learned just how interconnected we all are with this world and it is traditions like celebrating the Lunar New Year that move us all in one big circle. 

During these celebrations, the color red takes on extreme importance as it is often associated with good luck. Many people gift family, friends, and charities with special red paper envelopes filled with money. The date of the Lunar New Year varies from year to year but is often celebrated between January and February. This year, the festivities begin on the twelvth of February and end on the twenty-seventh. Appropriately enough, red is the color of January’s birthstone, garnet, and is also the color of love for Valentine’s day. 

This upcoming Lunar New Year rings in the Year of the Ox and those born during this time are often described as resilient, hardworking, and generous. As Boston’s hidden gem for custom-made and truly unique pieces of women and men’s jewelry,  I work hard to truly get to know my clients when we create their hand-crafted pieces designed with what makes someone uniquely them in mind. In honor of celebrating during this Lunar New Year season, I have pulled a few of our favorite red gemstone designs to inspire you for gifts, keepsakes, and symbols of good luck.

1. Art Deco Inspired Emerald Cut Garnet Engagement Ring For Kelby:

This ring makes its presence known at any event. Elegant and chic, this ring proves simple things can be timelessly fabulous. Featuring January’s garnet birthstone, diamonds, and majestic platinum, this ring’s detail makes it shine just as bright as both fireworks or holiday lights encompassing the dark, garnet stone protectively.


2. Ruby & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring:

This ring symbolizes classic and posh characteristics bound to never go out of style. Featuring a band encrusted with small diamonds shining like stars around a ruby red sunset, this timeless halo ring is secured with platinum encasement. As an engagement or simply as a cocktail ring, anyone will get many years of wear and memories out of this treasure.


3. Ruby Music Note Earrings For Tasha:

Traditional music and dancing take place at the Lunar New Year’s many parades and what better way to appreciate this than with these G Clef music note inspired earrings? Featuring diamonds, rubies, and 14K white gold in a bezel setting these earrings are a versatile gift perfect for a music lover, a performer, or as a traditional red gift.


4. Ruby & Thorn Engagement Ring For Francesca:

Gold is often also considered to bring good luck during the Lunar New Year. This ruby and 18K yellow gold ring is a contemporary take on these traditional colors. This ring makes the perfect gift for an anniversary or birthday that coincides with the Lunar New Year, or as a symbol of health, wealth, and luck for the year ahead.


5. Enchanted Diamond & Ruby Necklace:

Inspired by nature and our signature flower bead collection, this necklace is delicate yet strong. It is an eye-catching mix of diamonds, rubies, and 14K white gold. This necklace is both feminine and majestic crafted with detailed “leaves” that are as mesmerizing as a dragon’s flowing tail during the Lunar New Year’s parades. This necklace was designed to match a bride’s engagement ring and her wedding dress’s white lace. I will always go above and beyond to create the perfect, put-together look for a perfect day.

Who knows what the future has in store for those who give or receive timeless jewelry during the first three days of the Lunar New Year (wedding season is right around the corner, after all…)? Perhaps you’ll continue to receive gifts all year round that can and cannot be physically given. Are you still searching for the perfect Lunar New Year present for a family member or friend? Do you want to create something unique for someone you love that they will cherish forever? Do you have a design idea in mind? Feel free to contact us at cynthiabrittjewelry@gmail.com or at 857-239-9885 to set up your first one-on-one appointment.

For all out of state and out of the country customers, please send me an email and we can set up a video chat or a WhatsApp chat and I will guide you on how to proceed.

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