Engagement Ring Custom Made Using Diamonds From An Heirloom Pin

Diamond’s from an heirloom butterfly pin took a journey out of the pin into Jessica’s custom made platinum engagement ring!  One day, Bill and Jessica came to have a custom made engagement ring made using the diamond’s from a Victorian pin that Bill’s mom had inherited.  Below is a picture of the pin, before I took out the gems:

Engagement Ring Custom Made Using Diamonds From An Heirloom Pin

Heirloom Butterfly Pin

The diamonds are a combination of rose-cut and old-mine cut.  The difference between rose-cut and modern brilliant cut is that rose-cut diamonds had 29 facets versus the 52 facets of the modern brilliant cut.  They were cut when there was no electrity, therefore, they reflect light beautifully in candle light.  Also, rose-cut and old-mine cut diamonds don’t have a uniform shape like the modern cut stones.  A rose-cut diamond, can have a rounded corner on one side and a square shape on the other side.

I drew Jessica’s hand on paper and started sketching designs that would be suitable to Jessica’s hand structure, keeping in mind the irregular shape of the diamonds that I was going to work with.  Also, Jessica wanted a halo around the diamond.  Once Bill and Jessica picked their favorite design out of the three sketches, I started making the ring.  Given the irregular shape and cut of the diamonds, the ring was a challenge to make, but the transformation from pin to a diamond engagement ring came out beautiful! Here are images of Jessica’s platinum and diamond engagement ring:

Jessica Engagement Ring

Jessica Engagement Ring

Jessica Platinum Engagement Ring by Cynthia Britt

Jessica Engagement Ring Side View

Jessica Engagement Ring Custom Made in Platinum

Jessica Engagement Ring Top View

Jessica, I love your ring and I love how you both put the gems from the pin into good use by having them set in your engagement ring.  A beautiful engagement ring with some past, a whole lot of present and a lot more of future to come!

Congratulations to both of you! Love you both, you are a joy to work with!

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