Jonah Surprises Dana with a Unique Engagement Ring

I absolutely love the Dana engagement ring! It has sweetness and romance written all over it.  The Dana engagement ring is a wonderful surprise engagement ring.  On a Monday morning, I received a phone call from a young man who wanted an engagement ring to surprise his girlfriend  during their vacation, which was going to happen a week later.  Jonah, the young man who called me, preferred an engagement ring that would have pear shape diamonds on either side and a round brilliant cut diamond in the center.

The sweet challenge was to pick out a beautiful and appropriate diamond and put an engagement ring together during the week, while Jonah had to go away on a business trip.  I picked out a few diamonds, and sent their images to Jonah along with their specifications.  Once he picked out the diamond, which is a gorgeous D color, SI1 clarity with GIA certificate, I put the ring together and got it ready for his arrival on Saturday.   Jonah and his girlfriend went on their vacation the next day!  A few days later, Jonah proposed and sent me a picture of his beautiful fiancé, Dana, wearing her engagement ring!   The joy and happiness that I saw on Dana was the biggest gift for me, and I truly appreciated that Jonah and Dana took the time during their vacation to send me that wonderful picture.

Congratulations to an incredibly lovely and romantic couple!

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