Cynthia Britt Featured in Rolls Royce’s “Strive for Perfection” Book

We are honored to be chosen as the custom jewelry designer for the 2018 edition of “Strive for Perfection”, an annual luxury publication exclusively available to Rolls Royce Club members. The hardcover coffee-table book is of the highest quality, and is published by St James’ House, UK’s leading royal correspondent media group. It exhibits the evolution of Rolls Royce cars, and displays a variety of the most unique and desired products and experiences around the world. The makers of the book specifically sought out companies who have mastered the art of their field.

The process of purchasing a custom made piece of jewelry from Cynthia Britt is truly a one of a kind and unforgettable experience, making her the perfect fit for the “Strive for Perfection” publication. The debut of the book took place at the annual Rolls Royce Owners’ club convention held in Lake Tahoe. In addition to showcasing some of her most unique and desired custom made pieces, Cynthia displayed a small fraction of the rare gems and diamonds that she has access to, which are reserved only for the most high-end jewelry brands. It is a true honor to be featured among such excellence, and to be recognized by the makers of such a timeless and outstanding product.


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