Cynthia Britt Donates to Erin’s Hope for Friends Charity

      As we get one step closer to learning more from those around us, it’s unbelievable to think of how each piece of the puzzle helps connect us all. Every single detail that goes into the Jewelry designed by Cynthia Britt, Boston’s best-kept secret for custom-made and classically elegant engagement rings, brings to life the wearer’s real-life story. 

A Georgia-based charity, Erin’s Hope For Friends takes on an inspiring challenge faced by many families worldwide; encouraging and protecting their children coping with High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. Founded in the memory of a late daughter, this charity establishes programs that help to connect teenagers and young adults who have High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome with each other. These programs give these individuals, who are normally seeking human connection, the opportunity to spend time with people with similar interests. Everyone is included and the aim is to bring out the best in everyone through the power of new friendships. Some of the strongest friendships are built on learning from one another, after all.

Most recently, Cynthia, just as caring as she is talented, donated one of her designs to be auctioned off to raise funds for Erin’s Hope For Friends. The charity was founded on the basis that Erin was able to form strong bonds with animals all the while struggling to make friends. Erin would design jewelry and sell it to benefit local animal shelters in her native state of Georgia. Cynthia took this aspect of her personality into consideration, depicting Erin’s passion for animals as her legacy. She did so in a beautiful embodiment of 14K rose gold and onyx in the memory of an equally beautiful soul.

Cynthia Britt also kindly and carefully created a ring as unique and inspiring as Erin’s own story. With shimmering 14K white gold and diamonds, the Ella Moon and Star Diamond Ring physically connects the celestial features. A true celebration of the magic of life, love, and strive to be the very best versions of ourselves. Erin’s own story inspires others to shoot for the stars and moon themselves regardless of whatever obstacles may be in their way.

Like the stars and moon have existed forever, an heirloom piece such as the Ella Moon and Star Ring is a legacy in the making. With a simple, yet significant, feature of 0.09 carats worth of diamonds, this ring explains a deeper meaning to anyone facing a challenge such as what Erin and many others like her have dealt with. Diamonds were once chemicals in the earth, and once pressurized, they created something beautiful. Similarly, facing a challenge does not truly break down anything or anyone. A key feature of this ring is that it is designed to be worn along with other rings. When people support, learn, and grow from each other, there is nothing that is impossible.

Just like when people grow more beautiful inside and out when they support one another, some pieces of jewelry are designed to stay together. Cynthia has created a collection known as the ‘Flower Beads’ featuring stackable, interchangeable rings and pieces meant to be worn together. Check out Cynthia’s ready-made rings to see her flower bead collection and many other chic, stackable rings.

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