Cynthia Britt "9 Love Knots" Diamond Necklace

Here’s my new diamond necklace, named “9 Love Knots”!

I originally made it for a beautiful, soon-to-be-bride customer of mine, named Tracey.  Tracey already had the diamonds and she wanted me to make her a diamond station necklace that she could wear both on her wedding day and everyday.  I wanted to make a motif that would resemble a wrapped candy and a tied knot.  So I made the above necklace where the diamonds are bezel set and the small loops are twisted in an angle.  The diamonds represent the candy and the twisted loops represent both the wrapped candy paper and the ending of a tied knot.  I made the necklace 18″ long with a loop at 16 inches.  The necklace also has a small tag at the end with Tracey’s wedding date  engraved on it.  Tracey is now married.  Congratulations to Tracey and David!

If you have diamonds sitting in an out-dated piece of jewelry, I can take it out and make you, your “Love Knots” diamond necklace.  You can always have a brand new one made for you, as well.  Either ways, this symbolic necklace is made to be worn and enjoyed every day.

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