Custom White Gold And Diamond Stacked Wedding Rings For Ann

Custom made Stacked White Gold and Diamond Wedding Rings

Custom made Stacked White Gold and Diamond Wedding Rings


Ann and Scott came in together for custom made wedding rings. I’ll write the story of Ann’s wedding ring in this blog post and I’ll dedicate the next blog post to Scott!

Ann has one of those rare hands that can handle a ring with a busy design to it.  Luckily she wanted the look of multiple diamond bands. She tried on a few ready-made white gold and diamond bands that I have. As soon as she tried on my Britt Flower Diamond band, we both knew that was the right design and ring for her.

Here’s an image of the custom made Britt Flower Diamond eternity band:

Custom made White gold and diamond flower band

Custom Made Britt White Gold And Diamond Flower Band


Now we needed to add on to the ring to get the multiple diamond band look. She tried on the hand made diamond wedding band next to the Britt Flower diamond band and the contrast of the clean and smooth diamond band next to the busy floral diamond band was exactly the look that Ann wanted.

Here’s an image of the custom made diamond wedding band:

Custom Made Diamond Wedding Band

Custom Made Diamond Wedding Ring


To complete the look we decided to make 2 pieces of the hand made diamond band so she can wear them on either side of the Britt Flower Ring. Here’s the image of the three diamond wedding rings:

Custom Made Stacking Diamond Wedding Rings

Custom Made Diamond Wedding Rings


I hand make the diamond wedding band each time to your order, so I can make it any width with any number of diamonds. In Ann’s case, to get a good contrast, I made each outer band 1.8 millimeters wide in comparison to the 3.0 millimeter wide Britt Flower Diamond Band. It’s a great multi-dimensional look that goes from slightly lower set diamond band to a slightly elevated flower ring and then back to the lower set diamond band. It also gives the illusion that the outer bands are framing the middle flower ring. When all three are worn together, it looks like one beautiful wide diamond ring. On a sportier day, Ann can wear any lesser number of the three rings together or even one of them on its own.

A very versatile diamond wedding ring that Ann can wear any way she wants!


Enjoy all of your rings Ann!




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