Making of a Platinum Custom Wedding Ring for Men

Cleaning Custom Wedding Ring

Cleaning Custom Wedding Ring

Here’s the making of a platinum custom wedding ring for George.  Men don’t wear different rings like women do, so it’s important that you love the one ring that you’re going to wear everyday…your wedding ring!

The style of your wedding ring depends on your personality and your hand structure.  It may be simple or it may have a design.  If your hand has a wider built versus long or narrow, the ring would look better if it has a slightly rounded top or rounded edges.  If you want a design on the ring, and you do have a wide hand, it’s more suitable for the design to have a vertical shape versus a horizontal shape.  Vertical shape complements a wider hand structure, but a horizontal design will make the hand look even wider which is not the most suitable choice.

George’s hand has a refined look and a little wide.  first thing to determine is the width of the band.  In this case, a 6 millimeter wide band is a very suitable width, as it won’t look too thin or insignificant and not too wide and bulky.

The design that I created for George, has a vertical shape.  I refined it’s look by putting the design in the middle of the band and framed it with outer edges.  The final finish/polish wills also be very important in it’s final look.  George’s ring is the perfect style to have a mix of hi-polish and matte finish!

At Cynthia Britt, custom made does not cost more than a ready made piece.  What you will get, is the most suitable and the highest quality wedding ring for the same price and sometimes even less than what you would have paid for a ready made ring.

Stay tuned for the final images of George’s wedding ring!

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