Custom Made And hand Carved Men's Vine Wedding Ring For Scott

Hand Carved Vine & Floral Design Wedding Ring for Men

Scott’s Hand Carved Vine Wedding Ring


Scott and Ann came in together for their custom made wedding rings. In my previous blog post, I talked about how Anne’s rings were made. I’m dedicating this post for Scott’s custom made wedding ring.

Scott’s hand is similar to Anne’s hand in the sense that it can handle a busy design. Scott wanted a white gold ring with some kind of a vine design in it. We went over different men’s wedding rings images that Scott had picked out. From what he described to me and based on the images that he showed me, I thought of all the possibilities and drew sketches of different vine designs and I emailed them to him. The design that Scott chose was a beautiful intertwining of two different kinds of architectural flowers that repeated all around for a continuous look.

Here’s the chosen design:

Men's wedding ring custom design

I drew the flowers in a style so that the ring can be worn in any direction. The ring was going to be 6 millimeters wide! Here’s an image of my finished wax carving:

Custom hand carved men's wedding ring

Custom Hand Carved Ring

Once I finished carving the ring, I had it cast in 14k white gold. What can be achieved in wax carving, cannot be achieved in metal work and vice versa, what can be achieved in metal work, cannot be achieved in wax carving. I completed the design and sharpened the edges of the flowers and the entire scroll design by working directly on the white gold metal. Once I achieved the look that I wanted, I textured the recessed areas and gave the raised designs a hi-polish finish.

Here’s Scott’s finished white gold vine wedding ring:

custom made hand carved and engraved Vine Men's Wedding Ring

Scott’s Vine Ring From Right Side

custom made hand carved and engraved Vine Men's Wedding Ring

Scott’s Vine Ring From Left Side


The design continues all the way around and Scott can wear his ring in any direction he wants! Ann and Scott came in together to pick up their rings and I got to take a picture of both of their hands together with their rings on!

Ladies and Men's custom wedding Rings

Anne And Scott With Their Rings On!

Congratulations to both of you! It was any absolute pleasure working with both of you!

Enjoy your rings!






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