Custom Made Matching Wedding Ring For Joia's Engagement Ring

Joia Engagement Ring

Joia’s Platinum Engagement Ring

Here’s Joia’s custom made “surprise” engagement ring.  It has a radiant cut diamond in the center with two pear shape diamonds on the sides.  When Joia and her fiancé came back to have their wedding rings custom made, Joia wanted a wedding ring that would match her engagement ring.  Joia has beautiful hands with long fingers and really she can handle any design.  I sketched a few suggestions and the one that they both liked had a small square cut diamond in the center with sides that gave the same feel as the the sides on her engagement ring.

Here’s a side view of Joia’s engagement ring:

custom platinum engagement ring

Joia’s Engagement Ring Side View

The setting for the pear shape diamonds extend down over the band and there’s a tiny bow with a diamond at the base of the center diamond.

Here’s a side view of Joia’s wedding ring:


custom wedding ring

Joia’s Wedding Ring Side View

I made two small “V” shape designs that would extend down on the sides of the wedding ring.  The center princess cut diamond is four-set in a “V” shape design also.  The tiny diamond on the bow of the engagement ring fits inside the side “V” design on the wedding ring. From the top, the diamond set “V” shapes extend out as much as the pear shapes on the engagement ring.  Here’s a top view of Joia’s wedding ring:

custom platinum wedding ring

Joia Wedding Ring Top View

Here are Joia’s custom made matching rings side by side:

custom bridal rings

Joia’s Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

Here’s another image of Joia’s rings together:

custom made bridal rings

Joia’s Matching Ring Set

Congratulations to a lovely lady and a delightful couple!  Enjoy your rings!

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Ann Foster

Hi CynthiaBritt,
Nice blog! Each and every design of the custom jewelry is very attractive as well as unique. Several views of these rings are helpful to get idea about it. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing post with us.


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