Creating Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring For Rachel

Three Stone Cushion Cut Engagement Ring



Good good things come to those who wait, dream rings come to those who plan and move at the opportune moment!

Rachel and her now fiancé had known each other, well let’s just say for some time! Rachel is familiar with my work. In fact she recommended me to one of her closest guy friends who lives out-of-state when he decided to get engaged. The result of that introduction was the Lauren Engagement ring!

After Lauren and her fiancé got engaged, I received an email from Rachel’s boyfriend! I was extremely happy. I knew Rachel’s taste, her hand structure, what she likes and dislikes in an engagement ring and even what shape diamond would look most suitable on her hand. I was also extremely happy because I knew that two people who had waited, well let’s just say for sometime, were finally going to get officially engaged! It was now up to me to source out the perfect stone and Rachel’s dream ring — all secretly as it was going to be a surprise from her incredibly loving boyfriend.

Here’s a shot of Rachel’s hand that I had taken a while before in preparation for whenever her boyfriend decides to contact me.

custom made jewelry

Rachel’s Hand

Rachel’s hand structure is elongated and refined with ever-so-slightly curved fingertips. A long/rectangular shape cushion cut diamond would be the perfect shape stone for her hand! So my first step was to bring in rectangular shape cushion cut diamonds for her boyfriend to looks and choose from.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamonds

From the selection of diamonds that I brought, her boyfriend picked out the most beautiful, most rare and most expensive one! A 1.24 carat, E color, VVS2 clarity!

We both knew that Rachel liked something modern, low set, elegant, simple, and clean with a twist to it. So I drew a few suggestions for him to pick from. He picked out the most sophisticated one which was perfect for her stylish taste. He also added a new element to design. He requested to see side stones in addition to the design which had small diamonds on the band. Two stones that would complement her center diamond. So the next step was for me to bring in different choices for the side stones. Here were the choices:

Cushion cut diamond with trapezoid diamonds

Center Cushion Cut Diamond With side Trapezoid Diamonds

cushion cut diamond with half moon cut diamonds

Center Cushion Cut Diamond With Side Half Moon Cut Diamonds

cushion cut diamond with cushion cut side diamonds

Center Cushion Cut Diamond With Side Cushion Cut Diamonds


Rachel’s boyfriend picked the pair of cushion cut diamonds. Here’s the revised sketch with the chosen side stones.

Custom jewelry design

Rachel’s Ring Design


Once the sketch and the stones were finalized, I did my meticulous calculations for every angle and space where all the diamonds were going to be set. I wanted a very tight, tailored and a low setting that would also show off all of the diamonds set together in beautiful harmony and also show just the right amount of metal for a modern and no-nonsense look that Rachel seemed to favor.

Here’s the Rachel Three Stone Cushion Cut Engagement Ring!

custom made cushion cut three stone engagement ring by Cynthia Britt

A Perspective View Of Rachel’s Engagement Ring


Rachel’s boyfriend picked up the ring for a weekend getaway that he had planned in New York City! I didn’t get to see Rachel’s expression when he proposed and when she opened the box, but I did get a phone call from her while in New York! Her voice is still in my head when she said this is the most beautiful ring that I’ve created and it’s everything that she wanted — and that always brings me the biggest smile!

Here’s a picture that Rachel sent to me wearing her beautiful ring!

custom made platinum three stone engagement ring

Rachel’s Hand With Her Ring On It!

You are both adorable in every way. Love you both and thank you for giving me the opportunity to make your engagement ring!




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