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Gennie Custom Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring

Here’s the story on how I came up with the concept for the Gennie custom wedding band: When Genevieve contacted me for an appointment regarding her and her fiancé, Peter’s band, I started thinking about different designs that would be suitable for her and match her beautiful engagement ring.  I knew that I definitely didn’t want a curved… Read more »

Making of Genevieve Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

About more than a year ago, Peter, a young gentleman came to my studio interested in a custom made engagement ring for his soon to-be fiance.  He had the diamond which we were going to use for the center and was interested in a design that would be similar to the vintage turquoise and diamond ring that… Read more »

Cynthia Britt "9 Love Knots" Diamond Necklace

Here’s my new diamond necklace, named “9 Love Knots”! I originally made it for a beautiful, soon-to-be-bride customer of mine, named Tracey.  Tracey already had the diamonds and she wanted me to make her a diamond station necklace that she could wear both on her wedding day and everyday.  I wanted to make a motif… Read more »

Cynthia Britt Custom Made Diamond Eternity Band

Often customers are looking for a clean diamond eternity band that would sit flush with their solitaire engagement ring with proportional height and width.  Most ready-made diamond eternity bands will sit at a higher level from the average solitaire engagement ring, showing a good amount of metal on the sides which hides the engagement ring and the… Read more »

Challenges of Customizing Wedding Band to Match Engagement Ring

Although I absolutely enjoy every single piece of jewelry that I make, one of my favorites is the challenge of custom making and fitting a new piece that would nestle perfectly with an already existing piece of jewelry.  In this case, it’s custom making a diamond wedding band for a diamond engagement ring for a very… Read more »

From Romania With Love

Every piece of heirloom jewelry that we inherit has a story. Story of the craftsman who made it and owner who wore it.  We inherit the piece along with the story and once we custom make and re-vamp it to fit our style, we get to wear and enjoy a piece of history that is… Read more »