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Genevieve Heart Diamond Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Set

Sometime during winter, Genevieve and her fiancé to-be, Jonathan, came to have a custom engagement ring made that would have a center oval and two heart shaped sapphires on the sides.  Genevieve loved the signature flower beads ring, so I custom made her diamond engagement ring with the flower beads on the band and incorporated… Read more »

Custom Designing a Platinum Diamond Wedding Band For Allison

A few months ago, a very lovely young lady came to have a custom made diamond wedding band made for her beautiful engagement ring.  Her diamond engagement ring had an antique look to it, with very delicate diamond set band that reminded me of ribbons and a good size center diamond that was set in… Read more »

Custom Wedding Band To Match And Fit Netie's Engagement Ring

Here’s the story and journey of how Netie’s wedding band was custom made to match and fit her beautiful and symbolic diamond engagement ring.  While Netie was visiting from out-of-state, she came to have a wedding band custom made for her engagement ring. Here’s the engagement ring: Netie’s engagement ring has a wide, white gold band with… Read more »

Matching Wedding Band For Weilyn's Engagement Ring

Right before Christmas, an adorable couple, Weilyn and Arthur came to order custom made wedding bands for their rapidly approaching wedding which was going to be in California!  Weilyn’s engagement ring is a beautiful diamond ring with a center round brilliant cut diamond with a halo and diamonds going down the sides in a very… Read more »

Edwin Wedding Band with a Square-Cut Tanzanite

The elegant “Edwin” Wedding band  is a heavy white gold men’s wedding ring with a square-cut Tanzanite in the center.  Edwin has slender fingers and an elegant and unique style.  He wanted a band that is not too wide, yet wide enough to be masculine.  He also wanted the band to have a unique design… Read more »

Nicki Custom Designed Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring

A few months ago a lovely young lady, named Nicki, came to have a custom made wedding ring designed to match her diamond engagement ring.  Nicki’s diamond engagement ring has an antique look to it with engraving on the band.  The challenge in designing a wedding band to Nicki’s engagement ring, is because of the the bezel set diamond that comes out on… Read more »

Elise Diamond Wedding Ring to Match Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Elise diamond wedding ring is a very refined, elegant and comfortable platinum diamond wedding ring which I originally made for Elise to match her Britt Solitaire engagement ring.  It has the look of an eternity diamond ring because the diamonds are set such that they cover 3/4 of the band.  When the fingers are open,… Read more »

Emily Matching Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

Here’s the “Emily” wedding ring!  a very clean, elegant and contemporary band that can be worn on its own or stacked next to her engagement ring.  Emily has the original Cynthia Britt “Kiss” engagement ring.  She wanted a wedding ring that will complement her engagement ring and yet it would have an elegant presence when… Read more »

Krystle Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring

About a year ago, a young gentleman named Russell came to order the Alexa diamond engagement ring for his soon to-be fiancé.  Below is the picture of Alexa diamond ring. Now about a month ago, Russell and his incredibly lovely fiancée came to order wedding rings.  Russell chose an elegant Cobalt Chrome men’s wedding ring. … Read more »

Valerie's Custom Made Cynthia Britt Flower Wedding Band

Valerie, a young lady who had gotten engaged, contacted me regarding making a custom made wedding ring to match her beautiful diamond engagement ring. She had seen the bands on my website and she was particularly interested in the Cynthia Britt “Flower” band in the “Flower” Collection. The pieces in the “Flower” Collection are very much design-oriented… Read more »