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Custom Made Matching Wedding Ring For Joia's Engagement Ring

Here’s Joia’s custom made “surprise” engagement ring.  It has a radiant cut diamond in the center with two pear shape diamonds on the sides.  When Joia and her fiancé came back to have their wedding rings custom made, Joia wanted a wedding ring that would match her engagement ring.  Joia has beautiful hands with long… Read more »

Unique Men's Wedding Band – He Won't Want To Take Off

It’s important for a man to love his wedding ring.  It is a token of love that needs to be your style. Most men, their wedding band is the only ring that they will wear.  In order to love your wedding band and not want to take it off, it has to match your personality… Read more »

Custom Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Set

When Genevieve came back to have her stones checked and her rings cleaned, I had the opportunity to take a picture of her custom made engagement ring and wedding ring together.  I have already written the story of how I made each ring, so I won’t go through detail.  However, I would like to mention… Read more »

Making of a Platinum Custom Wedding Ring for Men

Here’s the making of a platinum custom wedding ring for George.  Men don’t wear different rings like women do, so it’s important that you love the one ring that you’re going to wear everyday…your wedding ring! The style of your wedding ring depends on your personality and your hand structure.  It may be simple or… Read more »

Congratulations To Emma and Steven!

Congratulations to Lovely Emma and Steven!  Emma sent me a few of her wedding pictures all taken by photographer Bennie Thornton.  Emma, who is a nature lover, asked me to custom make her nature inspired engagement ring using her grandmother’s beautiful diamond, and it’s matching rose gold wedding band.  Here’s a close up image of… Read more »

Custom Making a Wedding Ring to Match Engagement Ring

I love designing and custom making wedding rings!  It’s different from engagement rings in the sense that now I have something to match and fit the ring to. Emma came in for a custom made engagement ring that would be nature inspired, something that would incorporate leaves and it would be made in rose gold…. Read more »

Matching Wedding Rings for Bride and Groom

Choosing the right wedding ring is very important.  For ladies, you are going to wear your wedding band everyday, but you may not wear your engagement ring everyday.  For men, that’s one ring and probably most important piece of jewelry that you’ll always wear, so make sure you love it! Couples sometimes ask me if… Read more »

Seranite Wedding Band for Men: Everything You Need to Know

What Is Seranite? Seranite is a ceramic based metal. It’s naturally black in color and it’s used as an alternative metal for men’s wedding bands. There are different pressurized levels of ceramic. Some may break easily, but Seranite is made at the highest pressure injected level which makes it very durable, pretty indestructible, and scratch… Read more »

Chinese Alphabet Father And Daughter Pendant For MacKenzie

This is one of the sweetest and most meaningful wedding gifts I have ever heard of and made!  MacKenzie’s father wanted to give his daughter a diamond pendant for her wedding that would represent father and daughter in Chinese symbols.  Here’s an image of the symbols: He wanted to have the symbols in a circular… Read more »

Disney Inspired Custom Made Wedding Band for a Modern Day Princess

As a custom made jewelry designer, I get every kind of a request!  One of my favorite ones is J’aimie’s wedding ring.  A few months ago I received an email from Dan, J’aimie’s fiancé, asking me if I would make a wedding band that would look like Rapunzel’s wedding ring from the Disney movie’s “Tangled”…. Read more »