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Chef's Party For The Benefit Of Armenian Heritage Park

In May, I had the wonderful pleasure of being involved in the fundraising event for the maintenance of Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway in Boston. The event was held at the beautiful Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston. The Armenian Heritage Park is a gift to the City of Boston from Armenian-Americans and it consists of… Read more »

100 Carat Graff Yellow Diamond Sets Auction Record

Here’s gorgeous diamond news worthy of sharing!  This 100.90 carat daffodil-yellow diamond ring by Graff, known as the Graff Vivid yellow diamond, sold for $16.3 million at the May 13th Magnificent Jewels Auction in Sotheby’s Geneva.  Previous record was set by 110 carat “Sun Drop” for $12.3 million at Sotheby’s Geneva in November 2011.  The… Read more »

Four Stone Diamond Ring For Angela

Here’s a sneak peak at Angela’s four-stone diamond cluster ring!  It’s a birthday gift for her 40th birthday, and they have two kids.  So it represents four of them! I though it’s an adorable idea for either birthday, anniversary and even Mother’s Day gift!  I can make the the top with any number of stones… Read more »

Largest Natural Pearl Coming Up For Auction!

For all the pearl lovers, this gorgeous natural saltwater pearl measures 16.5 mm by 17.4 mm and weighs 33.15 carats! There are probably other pearls in the world larger than this one.  However, this 33.15 carat beauty is the largest natural pearl to come up for auction. The pearl belongs to a private owner, whose… Read more »

Tahitian Pearls And Tsavorite Necklace

Here’s a quick peek at the center section of a this gorgeous floral necklace that I custom made for a client using his own pearls.  The necklace has stations of leaf designs set with Tsavorites.  The center section has two overlapping leaves with the front leaf set with one row of diamonds, then light color… Read more »

Custom Made Matching Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring – A Sneak Peek!

Here’s a sneak peek at Joia’s custom made engagement ring and its matching wedding ring in platinum.  They both have a center princess cut diamond.  The wedding ring has “V” shape designs that line up with the pear shape diamonds on her platinum engagement ring.  I’ll be writing about the making of the wedding ring… Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Jewelry

There are millions of ready-made jewelry out there, sitting in showcases.  From the most inexpensive, and mainstream to the high end and unusual.  So why buy custom made jewelry — something that doesn’t exist! It’s the thought!  The thought of having something meaningful and unique.  The thought that you put in to give a gift… Read more »

How to Pick a Sapphire for an Engagement Ring

Many couples pick sapphire for their engagement ring.  Since sapphires don’t have the same grading system as diamonds do, I wanted to share with you what you should know when picking out a sapphire.  Before I list what to look for when choosing a sapphire, I’ll give some important facts about the gem and also… Read more »

$33 Million Fabergé Egg Found at Flea Market

A Midwest metal dealer bought a gold item at an antiques mart for $14,000.  It contained a Vacheron Constantin watch, so he figured he could sell it at slightly higher than the gold value, but lucky for him, no one was interested. The man typed “egg” and “Vacheron Constantin” into Google and came up with… Read more »