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Cynthia Britt Exhibiting At Boston Bridal Bash Event

I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be exhibiting at Boston Bridal Bash to be held Sunday, March 6th at Boston Sheraton hotel. It is free to all of my customers. To register, click the link below and enter the code “VENDORGUEST”  and you will receive a complimentary pass. Boston Bridal Bash It’s a very… Read more »

Ring Holder Necklace By Cynthia Britt

The idea of the ring holder necklace came to me when one of my dentist customers mentioned that it’s difficult to get the surgical glove over her brand new custom engagement ring which happens to be the Lin Princess Cut Engagement ring. She asked me to make a necklace that she would be be able… Read more »

Old European Cut Diamond – What to Know

A little history: Before the patenting of the first steam driven bruting machine in 1874, diamond cutters took the rough diamond which was an octahedron — the most common shape for gem diamonds which consists of two four-sided pyramids attached base-to-base, and manually round off the corners to create a cushion shape stone. They then… Read more »

Cynthia Britt Featured in Condé Nast Traveller UK Magazine

  Thank you UK Traveller Magazine for featuring Cynthia Britt in your November issue’s “The Winter Wishlist”. For all the jet setters, Condé Nast Traveller Magazine is the leading luxury travel magazine featuring most beautiful and luxurious travel destinations. Here’s an image of the featured page:

Cynthia Britt Featured In GQ Magazine

Thank you UK GQ for featuring Cynthia Britt in your October, Man Of The Year Awards, issue. An incredible magazine with non-stop editorial from the life of Marlon Brando to Jason Alper, the famous pop-artist who styled Borat and The Dictator to name just a couple. Paul Rudd is the winner for the best leading… Read more »

Interview With Stilorama Online Fashion Magazine

It is my pleasure and honor to be among online magazine’s hand picked designers. Based in UK, Stilorama is known as the world’s funkiest online luxury fashion marketplace where you can buy and sell designer fashion and read about the latest trends. They feature from Dolce & Gabbana, the trendiest designer, to Alaïa, a… Read more »

Cynthia Britt Featured In UK Vogue

Thank you UK Vogue Magazine for inviting me to be featured in your September issue’s, Jewelry Designer Profile. As all fashion lovers know, September and March issues are the biggest and most important issues of Vogue. The cover page is none other than the very lovely, stylish and talented Emma Watson! As I received my… Read more »

Best of Boston 2015 – Fine Jewelry

I am honored to have been chosen by Boston Magazine for Best of Boston® for Best Fine Jewelry! Thank you to all of my fine customers, fans and friends. I couldn’t have done it without your ongoing support. Everyone who has worked with me knows it’s absolutely my pleasure and passion to make the most… Read more »

Argyle Pink Diamond Pendant

The Argyle Diamond Mine is located in the remote north of Western Australia. Only 5% of its mined diamonds are of gem quality. From that 5%, less than 1% are pink and green diamonds. The pink color has a distinct translucent effect. Whether it’s a light fancy pink or intense and vivid pink, its color… Read more »

Thank you for you

  Thank you for you, because it’s absolutely my pleasure and joy each time I have the opportunity to think and create a new design and look for you. Thank you when you give me the opportunity to find diamonds and gems for you. There’s the right ring for each person and I believe there’s… Read more »