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Cynthia Britt Custom Made Diamond Eternity Band

Often customers are looking for a clean diamond eternity band that would sit flush with their solitaire engagement ring with proportional height and width.  Most ready-made diamond eternity bands will sit at a higher level from the average solitaire engagement ring, showing a good amount of metal on the sides which hides the engagement ring and the… Read more »

Challenges of Customizing Wedding Band to Match Engagement Ring

Although I absolutely enjoy every single piece of jewelry that I make, one of my favorites is the challenge of custom making and fitting a new piece that would nestle perfectly with an already existing piece of jewelry.  In this case, it’s custom making a diamond wedding band for a diamond engagement ring for a very… Read more »

From Romania With Love

Every piece of heirloom jewelry that we inherit has a story. Story of the craftsman who made it and owner who wore it.  We inherit the piece along with the story and once we custom make and re-vamp it to fit our style, we get to wear and enjoy a piece of history that is… Read more »

The Lion Ring Custom Made in 18k Yellow Gold

This stunning 18k yellow gold ring was made for the customer’s green tourmaline.  I absolutely love micro-sculpting and carving animals.  I originally carved the lions in wax, then I made the body of the ring.  I casted the three pieces in gold then soldered the lions on the body.

Heirloom Cufflinks Re-Designed Into A Ring

I believe that a piece, in this case a ring,  should be custom made for the person’s hand, style and personality.  For my quest to find out about the person I’m making the ring for, I called Laura up.  After our conversation, I had an image of a slender lady, blonde hair, busy with two little kids… Read more »

Master Piece Cocktail Ring Custom Made

Here it is, I call it the “Sunshine” ring.  The fit of the two rings are so precise and the angles of the rays and the diamonds are such that when the complete ring is worn, you can’t tell that it’s actually made of three pieces.  It looks like one ring with rays coming out… Read more »

Side Pieces for Nairi Cocktail Ring

Nairi has long fingers and she wanted to wear her new cocktail ring on her index finger.  My idea was to make these rays of light that would seem they are sprouting from the original ring.  Something very happy that would embrace her original ring from her mom…

Transforming an Outdated Heirloom Ring

This is Nairi’s ring which she inherited from her mom.  She asked me to take it apart and use the gems to make a new ring, some thing more her style, so she can wear it as a cocktail ring.  I don’t think all old pieces should be touched and so was my opinion of… Read more »

Story Behind Custom Made "Melissa" Pendant

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with a delightful couple, named Melissa and David.  They wanted a very specific design that would incorporate their initials along with their new born baby’s.  This is how the “Melissa” pendant was created.  It’s a beautiful 1mm thick solid gold tablet with rounded… Read more »

"Britt Flower" Bead Necklace

The “Britt Flower” bead necklace is made of 18K yellow gold flower beads with an 18K yellow gold cable chain passing through the beads.  The flower beads are randomly spaced. This version, has 13 flower beads, five of them have a round brilliant cut diamond set on both sides of the bead, with a total weight of 0.21… Read more »