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Asscher Cut Diamond With Emerald Halo Engagement Ring For Kathryn

Kathryn engagement ring is regal, refined and as custom made as it gets!  Even the emeralds are custom cut for the halo! Kahryn’s ring was a surprise engagement ring.  Her fiancé to-be, had the idea to have an Asscher cut center diamond and a halo that would be set with emeralds.  Based on the images… Read more »

Making of the Flower Shaped Unique Engagement Ring For Sophia

Sophia flower engagement ring, for me, is the ultimate in combining feminine yet strong, refined yet organic all in one gorgeous diamond unique engagement ring.  Very suitable for whom it was made for! A few months ago a young gentleman came to me for a surprise custom made engagement ring.  First, I brought in a… Read more »

Genevieve Heart Diamond Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Set

Sometime during winter, Genevieve and her fiancé to-be, Jonathan, came to have a custom engagement ring made that would have a center oval and two heart shaped sapphires on the sides.  Genevieve loved the signature flower beads ring, so I custom made her diamond engagement ring with the flower beads on the band and incorporated… Read more »

Custom Making Bianca Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This ring comes with a warning sign…Both the wearer and the buyer are beautiful! Mike and Bianca came to me, during May, interested in getting a custom engagement ring designed and made for Bianca’s 1.52 carats brilliant cut diamond.  Bianca showed me images of Nicole Richie’s engagement ring which has a floating brilliant cut diamond… Read more »

Custom Designing a Platinum Diamond Wedding Band For Allison

A few months ago, a very lovely young lady came to have a custom made diamond wedding band made for her beautiful engagement ring.  Her diamond engagement ring had an antique look to it, with very delicate diamond set band that reminded me of ribbons and a good size center diamond that was set in… Read more »

Custom Making a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Lin Engagement ring, is truly a magnificent ring with an incredible amount of detailed work!  Although every ring that I make has multiple components and detailed calculations and goes through multiple stages of cleaning, polishing, soldering, engraving, setting and more polishing, the challenge of Lin ring was the limited time that I had to make… Read more »

Custom Designing A Non Traditional Engagement Ring

More than two months ago, a young and very artistic man came to have a non traditional engagement ring custom made for his girlfriend.  He brought a few images of rings that have non traditional band with curves.  The look was to be very dynamic with a lot of movement and flow in the design. … Read more »

Custom Wedding Band To Match And Fit Netie's Engagement Ring

Here’s the story and journey of how Netie’s wedding band was custom made to match and fit her beautiful and symbolic diamond engagement ring.  While Netie was visiting from out-of-state, she came to have a wedding band custom made for her engagement ring. Here’s the engagement ring: Netie’s engagement ring has a wide, white gold band with… Read more »

An Engagement Ring For The Modern Bride

I love Nina’s engagement ring, I call it the engagement ring for the modern bride!  It’s strong yet refined, graceful and defined! Well suited for it’s owner, Nina and every modern bride!  Here’s how Nina’s engagement ring was made.  A few months ago, ( yes, this ring took me some time to make, lol ) Aaron… Read more »

Matching Wedding Band For Weilyn's Engagement Ring

Right before Christmas, an adorable couple, Weilyn and Arthur came to order custom made wedding bands for their rapidly approaching wedding which was going to be in California!  Weilyn’s engagement ring is a beautiful diamond ring with a center round brilliant cut diamond with a halo and diamonds going down the sides in a very… Read more »