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How to Clean Your Diamond Ring

Diamonds have a sticky surface, it’s their property, and it’s because of their molecular structure.  Everyday hand washing, even with mild soap, dish washing liquid detergents, shampoos, and finger prints easily adhere to the surface of the diamond.  An effective way to clean your diamond at home is the following: Use one part household cleaning… Read more »

How To Take Care Of Your Cultured Pearls

Follow these simple steps and your pearls will say shiny and beautiful like the first day when you bought them. When wearing perfume, first put the perfume on then wear your pearls. The  acid from the perfume damages the nacre. Don’t handle your pearls when you have lotion on your hands. The lotion dulls  the pearl…. Read more »

How to Repair a Necklace – Part 2

This is a tutorial video that shows how to put back the bar link, attach it with a pin and solder the two end points of the pin.