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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds come in different proportions and shapes. Some are more elongated, some are a perfect cushion shape, and some have a more square shape. Unlike emerald cut diamonds there really isn’t an ideal proportion, cushion cuts are subjective and it’s really what looks suitable for your hand. Cushion cut diamonds The technical term… Read more »

Ring Holder Necklace By Cynthia Britt

The idea of the ring holder necklace came to me when one of my dentist customers mentioned that it’s difficult to get the surgical glove over her brand new custom engagement ring which happens to be the Lin Princess Cut Engagement ring. She asked me to make a necklace that she would be be able… Read more »

Old European Cut Diamond – What to Know

A little history: Before the patenting of the first steam driven bruting machine in 1874, diamond cutters took the rough diamond which was an octahedron — the most common shape for gem diamonds which consists of two four-sided pyramids attached base-to-base, and manually round off the corners to create a cushion shape stone. They then… Read more »

How to Pick a Sapphire for an Engagement Ring

Many couples pick sapphire for their engagement ring.  Since sapphires don’t have the same grading system as diamonds do, I wanted to share with you what you should know when picking out a sapphire.  Before I list what to look for when choosing a sapphire, I’ll give some important facts about the gem and also… Read more »

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend or Wife with a Gift That She'll Love!

Shopping for a unique gift can be tricky, Whether she likes many things or is real picky! Now here’s a true story! Nick wanted to give his girlfriend special gift for Valentine’s day. Something thoughtful and definitely different from the usual gifts. He came to me with a natural oyster pearl! He told me the… Read more »

Two Quick Steps That Will Transform Your White Collar Shirt and Sweater Look!

A beautiful white collar shirt and sweater is a look that has always been around.  Lately, Valentino showed if off for its Fall 2013 Ready-to-wear collection! If the shirt’s collar is not as fancy as the image above or the sweater/dress doesn’t have a rich pattern to it, then it becomes a quite, clean look…. Read more »

4 Quick Steps That Will Save Your Pearls!

Pearls are a result of a natural living organism and have a porous surface, unlike gems which are results of minerals present in the earth. In order to avoid scratching and dulling of the pearl’s skin, (its nacre) : 1. Keep your pearl necklace in a box separate from every other piece of jewelry If… Read more »

How to Pick a Beautiful Emerald Cut Diamond

When I was searching for an emerald cut diamond to make Jennifer’s engagement ring, I looked at many different emerald cut diamonds, all with different proportions, color and clarity grades. Here’s a helpful guideline on what to look for: First thing that you’ll notice, when you compare emerald cut diamonds, is their overall shape. There… Read more »

Best Way To Wear And Take Off Your Rings!

You’ll be surprised to find out that pressure from your hand when wearing and taking off your ring that has gems on it can be the number one reason for gems to get loose! When wearing or taking off your ring, always hold it from the sides where there’s metal and no gems. This will… Read more »