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Custom Designing Herkimer Diamond Engagement Ring for Heidi

I love the story, the ring and the couple for whom I made this engagement ring for.  A couple of months ago, I received an email from André who lives in mountain areas of New York state.  He had a pear shape Herkimer diamond and he wanted it to be set in a sturdy and… Read more »

Genevieve Sapphire Flower Engagement Ring

The Genevieve Sapphire Flower engagement ring is as regal as it gets! I absolutely love this ring, it’s the classic Britt Flower band with diamonds in the flower motives and a gorgeous oval shape, 2.75 carats blue sapphire in the middle.  To make things sweeter, the oval center sapphire is flanked on both sides with… Read more »

Jonah Surprises Dana with a Unique Engagement Ring

I absolutely love the Dana engagement ring! It has sweetness and romance written all over it.  The Dana engagement ring is a wonderful surprise engagement ring.  On a Monday morning, I received a phone call from a young man who wanted an engagement ring to surprise his girlfriend  during their vacation, which was going to happen a… Read more »

Story Behind Sharon Angel Engagement Ring

The majority of my clients ask for a specific engagement ring to surprise their fiancé-to-be.  The Sharon Angel ring is a custom made surprise engagement ring that was presented to Sharon by her fiancé during their vacation.  The idea of the angel wings was brought up by Sharon’s fiancé-to-be, Carroll.  He described in such beautiful… Read more »

Story Behind the "Kim O" Diamond Engagement Ring

All rings are special and it certainly is a process from the beginning when I sketch designs on paper, until when I present the customer with the finished piece of jewelry.  The “Kim O” ring is a special journey and here is its story: During the third week in April, Kim who’s out of state, contacted me… Read more »

From Romania With Love

Every piece of heirloom jewelry that we inherit has a story. Story of the craftsman who made it and owner who wore it.  We inherit the piece along with the story and once we custom make and re-vamp it to fit our style, we get to wear and enjoy a piece of history that is… Read more »