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Custom Making a Wedding Ring to Match Engagement Ring

I love designing and custom making wedding rings!  It’s different from engagement rings in the sense that now I have something to match and fit the ring to. Emma came in for a custom made engagement ring that would be nature inspired, something that would incorporate leaves and it would be made in rose gold…. Read more »

A Unique Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Linda has long fingers, a ring with a little bit of a width will be most suitable for her hand versus a thin band.  However, it needs to have a refined shape and design…nothing bulky! For center stone, she was interested in either a blue sapphire or a fancy yellow diamond against her skin tone,… Read more »

How to Pick a Beautiful Emerald Cut Diamond

When I was searching for an emerald cut diamond to make Jennifer’s engagement ring, I looked at many different emerald cut diamonds, all with different proportions, color and clarity grades. Here’s a helpful guideline on what to look for: First thing that you’ll notice, when you compare emerald cut diamonds, is their overall shape. There… Read more »

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring For Jennifer

Jennifer’s ring is a surprise engagement ring!  First, we needed to choose the right shape center diamond.  The choice was between a princess cut and an emerald cut.  So I brought in both, to compare, and based on Jennifer’s image and her hand structure, the winner was the emerald cut diamond.  Next, I started looking… Read more »

Custom Making of Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring for Lori

Happy, bright, romantic, elegant, classic and interesting is what Lori’s ring is about! Lori’s fiancé-to-be wanted to surprise Lori with an engagement ring that has a round brilliant cut diamond in the center.  I brought in a few brilliant cut diamonds with different qualities.  Matt picked out the best, a 1.04 carat diamond with an… Read more »

Custom Making of Kim Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A very classic, elegant and certainly not-your-average solitaire is what Kim’s engagement ring is all about.  From the top it has a very clean soft look, showing off the center diamond. One look at the sides and you know its just different and very cool! It’s the way the side band curves and races up… Read more »

Custom Making of a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring for Alison

From the time that I started thinking on how to make Alison’s engagement ring to the time that I actually made it, this ring went through many transformations!  I wanted something very innovative, clean, sharp, interesting and elegant! It all started when Alison’s fiancé to-be, called to inquire about a custom made engagement ring with… Read more »