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Custom Made Scalloped Diamond Wedding Ring for Misha

You have a beautiful engagement ring with a scalloped edge, now you need a wedding band to fit next to it – What do you do? Misha and her fiancé had a custom made engagement ring designed by an artist in Ohio. Misha’s ring has an unusual scalloped profile and a standard wedding ring wouldn’t… Read more »

Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring For Nicole

It is an incredibly rewarding feeling for me to make a ring that is the person’s dream ring.  Nicole and her finacé-to-be came for a platinum sapphire and diamond engagement ring that would be different from the ready-made engagement rings that they had already seen.  They sent me a few images so I would know… Read more »

Custom Made Matching Wedding Ring For Joia's Engagement Ring

Here’s Joia’s custom made “surprise” engagement ring.  It has a radiant cut diamond in the center with two pear shape diamonds on the sides.  When Joia and her fiancé came back to have their wedding rings custom made, Joia wanted a wedding ring that would match her engagement ring.  Joia has beautiful hands with long… Read more »

Unique Men's Wedding Band – He Won't Want To Take Off

It’s important for a man to love his wedding ring.  It is a token of love that needs to be your style. Most men, their wedding band is the only ring that they will wear.  In order to love your wedding band and not want to take it off, it has to match your personality… Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Jewelry

There are millions of ready-made jewelry out there, sitting in showcases.  From the most inexpensive, and mainstream to the high end and unusual.  So why buy custom made jewelry — something that doesn’t exist! It’s the thought!  The thought of having something meaningful and unique.  The thought that you put in to give a gift… Read more »

Custom Restyling of Heirloom Jewelry

Often we inherit jewelry that’s out-dated and not our style.  Most of the time it just sits in a drawer.  Some have sentimental value as they belonged to someone dear to us.  Some don’t have any sentimental value and they were received as a gift, but they have pretty gems that can be taken out… Read more »

Custom Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Set

When Genevieve came back to have her stones checked and her rings cleaned, I had the opportunity to take a picture of her custom made engagement ring and wedding ring together.  I have already written the story of how I made each ring, so I won’t go through detail.  However, I would like to mention… Read more »

Making of a Platinum Custom Wedding Ring for Men

Here’s the making of a platinum custom wedding ring for George.  Men don’t wear different rings like women do, so it’s important that you love the one ring that you’re going to wear everyday…your wedding ring! The style of your wedding ring depends on your personality and your hand structure.  It may be simple or… Read more »