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Custom Made And hand Carved Men's Vine Wedding Ring For Scott

  Scott and Ann came in together for their custom made wedding rings. In my previous blog post, I talked about how Anne’s rings were made. I’m dedicating this post for Scott’s custom made wedding ring. Scott’s hand is similar to Anne’s hand in the sense that it can handle a busy design. Scott wanted… Read more »

Custom White Gold And Diamond Stacked Wedding Rings For Ann

  Ann and Scott came in together for custom made wedding rings. I’ll write the story of Ann’s wedding ring in this blog post and I’ll dedicate the next blog post to Scott! Ann has one of those rare hands that can handle a ring with a busy design to it.  Luckily she wanted the… Read more »

Creating Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring For Rachel

    Good good things come to those who wait, dream rings come to those who plan and move at the opportune moment! Rachel and her now fiancé had known each other, well let’s just say for some time! Rachel is familiar with my work. In fact she recommended me to one of her closest… Read more »

Jeff's Platinum and White Gold Ring

  Jeff’s platinum and white gold ring is a beautiful story of how two rings that had great sentimental values were combined into one stylish and very meaningful men’s ring. Here’s the story of the transformation! Jeff had a men’s white gold wedding ring and a ladies platinum engagement ring.  Here are the images:  … Read more »

A Surprise Anniversary Ring That's Stylish And Sentimental

Barbara’s husband came to me wanting to design a very special anniversary surprise for his wife. He knew he wanted to give her a classic looking diamond ring that she could wear everyday, but he also wanted it to be very sentimental. He had the idea that their two children’s birthstones could be incorporated into… Read more »

Vintage Inspired Platinum and Diamond Surprise Engagement Ring for Lauren

Every custom made engagement ring has its unique story. Lauren’s engagement ring has a romantic one! It is a surprise engagement ring, with the difference that I have not met Lauren’s fiancé! It all started with a mutual contact here in Boston. Lauren’s fiancé lives out-of-state and wanted to surprise his girlfriend by proposing in… Read more »

Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring For Elizabeth

Elizabeth and her fiancé came in to have an engagement ring custom made for their beautiful heirloom diamond. Elizabeth has long beautiful fingers, her hand has a very soft and clean look so her ring needed to be very refined even the color of the metal needed to be subtle. Elizabeth liked the idea of… Read more »

The Making of Jenn's Va Va Voom Diamond Ring

Jenn’s Va Va Voom ring has a different story! It sure is a metamorphosis! What Jennifer wanted was to take out the diamonds from her two original rings and make a new right hand ring that would be wide and have more of a band look versus an engagement ring. Here’s the image of the… Read more »

Making of a Contemporary Floral Engagement Ring for Ella

Ella is a breath of fresh air! An incredibly delightful person with a great sense of humor! Most of my clients come in for a surprise engagement ring, however Ella and her equally delightful fiancé came in together.  So I got to meet Ella, see her hand and she had the chance to describe what… Read more »