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Behind The Scenes of Making Maggie Two-Tone Engagement Ring

Making a ring is truly magical. It goes through many stages until it reaches it’s final form. I want to show a couple of stages that Maggie’s ring went through before it’s beautiful diamonds were set. Maggie’s ring is hand made, hand-made rings are pretty time-consuming and they are the most expensive in labor. However,… Read more »

Behind the Scenes Look At Making A Pearl Engagement Ring

  A very unique engagement ring is the chosen design for Ana’s engagement ring! I have not met Ana nor her fiancé who asked me to design a very unique surprise engagement ring with a center pearl, as they live out-of-state and they were a referral from another customer. Although, I will write the beautiful… Read more »

Behind The Scenes Of Making Carved Animals Pendant

The story behind these three animals is that each one represents a person and all three used to be roommates at one point. The animals are from Chinese zodiac — a rabbit, an ox and a snake. The rabbit and the snake are sisters and the ox is a guy and the third roommate. The… Read more »