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Wedding Rings!

Cynthia worked with my (now) husband when he decided to propose back in December 2011. He had wanted a more personal experience when buying an engagement ring, and after a long search, he found Cynthia. He had such a wonderful experience designing the ring with her (which I love!) that when it came time for us to purchase our wedding bands, we decided to work with Cynthia again to pick the perfect rings.

Having never worn jewelry of any type, my husband wanted something simple but unique, and he got that in his wedding band. Cynthia provided multiple examples of rings, which allowed him to try on a variety of styles until he found just the right one (a cobalt band with slight edging). It looks wonderful and is completely comfortable for him (a very high priority)! It was not something we probably would have purchased if we had gone to a generic jewelry store, where the selection would be far more limited, and where he would not have been provided with the jewelry expertise that Cynthia had.

I had an idea of what I thought I would want with my band, but wasn’t able to visualize it, particularly how it might look with my beautiful engagement ring. After discussing with her my ideas and vision, Cynthia actually went and created a “imitation” ring using CZ stones. I then was able to try on the sample wedding ring with my engagement ring – and knew it was exactly what I wanted!

Cynthia was able to get us both bands very quickly, and she worked with us so that we could have them engraved with our initials and wedding date. She also has assisted us with resizing (I had to have my engagement ring sized down, and both my husband and I need our bands slightly altered). She has been incredibly helpful in every step of the process and has made everything very simple.

Both my husband and I have loved working with Cynthia and appreciated the personal touch that she provided us. The experience we had using Cynthia to design our rings was perfect, and she made the process so much more fun and exciting than if we had gone to a jewelry store. We would highly recommend her for any of your jewelry needs – but particularly when looking for something as precious and intimate as your engagement and wedding rings.

Thank you, Cynthia!


Cynthia to the rescue!

It was a Monday when I made the last minute decision to propose to my girlfriend during a vacation that we were leaving for in a week. The only problem was, I had to travel for work during that week and only had one day to find a ring. I came across Cynthia’s website and called her. When I told her the situation, she immediately rearranged her schedule to meet with me right away. I was very nervous (never proposed before!) but Cynthia made me feel comfortable, explained the process, and gave me lots of options. After our meeting, I had to get on a plane, but during the flight (hooray for in-flight WiFi), she emailed me photos of stones and settings and before I landed, everything was picked out and priced. By the time I got back from my work trip on Saturday, the ring was ready and it was Beautiful! The next day, I left on vacation with my girlfriend with the ring stashed away. A few days later, I proposed and she said yes! She absolutely loves the ring and I’m so glad that I got to help design it (instead of picking it out at a store). We both couldn’t be happier. Thank you Cynthia for such a beautiful ring, and for working with me to make it happen even on a crazy schedule.


Kim O Ring

Thank you so much Cynthia for my beautiful new ring! You exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love it. I could not even imagine a better experience than I had. You were very professional and personal which gave me the comfort and trust that I needed…..something that I could not find with any other designer/jeweler. I remember the first phone call when you promised to design me a ring that would fit my hand and my diamond and that I would love it. You did just that. I have a gorgeous custom ring in platinum that fits perfectly. Thank you for keeping me informed throughout the entire process and thank you again for a truly amazing ring.

Kim Osadczuk


I came to Cynthia a few months ago to ask about the quality of my wedding band I had purchased online a few days before. I really had bad feelings about it and was not very happy that it was going to be on my finger for the rest of my life. After sitting down with her and learning all about diamonds I had come to the conclusion that that just wasn’t the ring for me. Cynthia told me that she would be able to make me a ring but time was definitely of the essence. I was getting married in two weeks and she had just taken on a completely custom wedding band. We talked about ideas and drew out a few of them on paper before I decided on a design. She ordered multiple sets of diamonds for it and when they came in a few days later I was amazed at the personalization I was able to put into it by coming back for a visit to select my diamonds that would be put into the band. The ring got done a few days before we left for the wedding and I have never been happier with a piece of jewelry in my life. It is absolutely beautiful and I am extremely proud to wear it. I also got surprised with a custom diamond necklace that my husband had planned with her secretly, It is gorgeous and I don’t think I’m ever taking that off either! In the end I was completely impressed with her ability to make not one custom piece, but two, beautiful works of art, in such a short amount of time.


The Modern Bride Gets Ring of Her Dreams

The title sounds like a title to a modern fairy tale right? Well, coming from a girl who never connected to traditional notions of relationships, marriage, engagement rings, and all that jazz, Cynthia created both a special piece for me and a shift in my perspective. Some girls know what they want going into this ring stuff, and some get surprised. I did not fit in either of those catagories. We had gone to the jewelers building in Boston and it felt like a layer of Dante’s inferno – I was miserable. Most likely because I don’t like shopping. I knew I was not too keen on a straight up diamond and the whole “anti-conflict diamond” argument had come up in a few of my social circles. I wear blue scrubs on a regular basis, so the first stone that came to my head was a sapphire. My fiance found Cynthia through some miracle of the universe, because she was able to create a ring that I had subconsciously dreamed , but never envisioned. She is a true expert in her field of work.

Upon seeing me, Cynthia had an intuition about my style and what would fit my hand. At the time, I was quite nervous and skeptical about designing my own ring. I did not want to mess it up, I mean its a lot of money right? As weeks progressed I saw this beautiful sketch come to life in front of my eyes. At every step Cynthia made sure I “fit” with the ring. Not just that I liked it, but that I connected with the piece. Sounds silly, but if you are reading this, wait till you experience it. She assisted from choosing a gorgeous sapphire from a bag of loose stones to going through a CAD design of my ring and fine tuning the details of a curve here and a stone there, Cynthia was patient and generous with her time. Furthermore, she shared ideas for the ring I would never have thought of, or had the vision to imagine on my ring. I can’t stress this enough – she is a master of her craft.

After a long time of working through the design and the actual making of the ring, my fiance got it from Cynthia in order to surprise me. She was great at keeping the secret (I saw her that day because my sister also getting a ring done with Cynthia – yes she is that good). I was in no rush. That night my fiance surprised me with the most beautiful ring I have seen in my life. Although I couldn’t have dreamed of such a ring, it truly is the ring of my dreams. Every time I look at it I cannot believe such a unique, elegant, and strong piece of art sits on my hands. I am so thankful to go through this experience with Cynthia because I know it was not easy for her, but she was so compassionate both personally and professionally. Cynthia it is such a blessing to have met you and have your work on my hand. Thank you so much for creating a piece that is perfection on every level.