Custom Made Matching Wedding Bands for Jennifer and Edwin

Here are the images and the story of Jennifer’s custom made wedding ring!  Jennifer wanted a custom made wedding band to fit next to her beautiful engagement ring which has a halo around the center diamond and it’s slightly wider towards the center.  She also wanted to have Tanzanites in the ring to match her… Read more »

Edwin Wedding Band with a Square-Cut Tanzanite

The elegant “Edwin” Wedding band  is a heavy white gold men’s wedding ring with a square-cut Tanzanite in the center.  Edwin has slender fingers and an elegant and unique style.  He wanted a band that is not too wide, yet wide enough to be masculine.  He also wanted the band to have a unique design… Read more »

Custom Designing Tracey Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring is a WOW!! I don’t think the pictures quite justify it, but they sure give a good idea. Tracey and I worked on the design, together. Tracey’s center diamond is 2 carats, she wanted an engagement ring with a double row of diamonds on the band, a halo around the diamond, but not… Read more »

Transforming an Heirloom Ring into "Gigi" Diamond Pendant

I absolutely love this pendant, it’s like a piece of sunshine on your neck!  I also love it’s story because it combines an heirloom ring of one person with the earring of another person.  A few months ago, a young man asked me to help sell his late mother’s engagement ring.  Here’s the image of… Read more »

Nicki Custom Designed Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring

A few months ago a lovely young lady, named Nicki, came to have a custom made wedding ring designed to match her diamond engagement ring.  Nicki’s diamond engagement ring has an antique look to it with engraving on the band.  The challenge in designing a wedding band to Nicki’s engagement ring, is because of the the bezel set diamond that comes out on… Read more »

Elise Diamond Wedding Ring to Match Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Elise diamond wedding ring is a very refined, elegant and comfortable platinum diamond wedding ring which I originally made for Elise to match her Britt Solitaire engagement ring.  It has the look of an eternity diamond ring because the diamonds are set such that they cover 3/4 of the band.  When the fingers are open,… Read more »

Genevieve Sapphire Flower Engagement Ring

The Genevieve Sapphire Flower engagement ring is as regal as it gets! I absolutely love this ring, it’s the classic Britt Flower band with diamonds in the flower motives and a gorgeous oval shape, 2.75 carats blue sapphire in the middle.  To make things sweeter, the oval center sapphire is flanked on both sides with… Read more »

Jonah Surprises Dana with a Unique Engagement Ring

I absolutely love the Dana engagement ring! It has sweetness and romance written all over it.  The Dana engagement ring is a wonderful surprise engagement ring.  On a Monday morning, I received a phone call from a young man who wanted an engagement ring to surprise his girlfriend  during their vacation, which was going to happen a… Read more »

Story Behind Sharon Angel Engagement Ring

The majority of my clients ask for a specific engagement ring to surprise their fiancé-to-be.  The Sharon Angel ring is a custom made surprise engagement ring that was presented to Sharon by her fiancé during their vacation.  The idea of the angel wings was brought up by Sharon’s fiancé-to-be, Carroll.  He described in such beautiful… Read more »