Custom Designing Tracey Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring is a WOW!! I don’t think the pictures quite justify it, but they sure give a good idea. Tracey and I worked on the design, together. Tracey’s center diamond is 2 carats, she wanted an engagement ring with a double row of diamonds on the band, a halo around the diamond, but not… Read more »

Transforming an Heirloom Ring into "Gigi" Diamond Pendant

I absolutely love this pendant, it’s like a piece of sunshine on your neck!  I also love it’s story because it combines an heirloom ring of one person with the earring of another person.  A few months ago, a young man asked me to help sell his late mother’s engagement ring.  Here’s the image of… Read more »

Nicki Custom Designed Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring

A few months ago a lovely young lady, named Nicki, came to have a custom made wedding ring designed to match her diamond engagement ring.  Nicki’s diamond engagement ring has an antique look to it with engraving on the band.  The challenge in designing a wedding band to Nicki’s engagement ring, is because of the the bezel set diamond that comes out on… Read more »

Elise Diamond Wedding Ring to Match Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Elise diamond wedding ring is a very refined, elegant and comfortable platinum diamond wedding ring which I originally made for Elise to match her Britt Solitaire engagement ring.  It has the look of an eternity diamond ring because the diamonds are set such that they cover 3/4 of the band.  When the fingers are open,… Read more »

Genevieve Sapphire Flower Engagement Ring

The Genevieve Sapphire Flower engagement ring is as regal as it gets! I absolutely love this ring, it’s the classic Britt Flower band with diamonds in the flower motives and a gorgeous oval shape, 2.75 carats blue sapphire in the middle.  To make things sweeter, the oval center sapphire is flanked on both sides with… Read more »

Jonah Surprises Dana with a Unique Engagement Ring

I absolutely love the Dana engagement ring! It has sweetness and romance written all over it.  The Dana engagement ring is a wonderful surprise engagement ring.  On a Monday morning, I received a phone call from a young man who wanted an engagement ring to surprise his girlfriend  during their vacation, which was going to happen a… Read more »

Story Behind Sharon Angel Engagement Ring

The majority of my clients ask for a specific engagement ring to surprise their fiancé-to-be.  The Sharon Angel ring is a custom made surprise engagement ring that was presented to Sharon by her fiancé during their vacation.  The idea of the angel wings was brought up by Sharon’s fiancé-to-be, Carroll.  He described in such beautiful… Read more »

Emily Matching Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

Here’s the “Emily” wedding ring!  a very clean, elegant and contemporary band that can be worn on its own or stacked next to her engagement ring.  Emily has the original Cynthia Britt “Kiss” engagement ring.  She wanted a wedding ring that will complement her engagement ring and yet it would have an elegant presence when… Read more »

Story of Custom Making Amanda Diamond and Pearl Earrings

Pearls are absolutely gorgeous!  They are product of a living organism versus gems which are minerals.  If you have a pair of pearl earrings that are set in an out-dated setting, contributing to the reason why you’re not wearing them, by all means have them re-set in setting that you will wear enjoy! That’s the… Read more »